How to Apply Pulse Licences to the Database

The Pulse Registration Utility enables the user to manage Product licenses. You can apply, remove, or change licenses using this utility. The Utility will display available modules based on the Local Configuration Manager’s active Database connection. You'd need to have the Pulse Admin Tools installed for for this application to be visible for you as per the article -



  1. Go to Start --> Programs --> Pulse --> Utilities --> Pulse Registration Utility
  1. This will launch the Pulse Registration Utility


      3. The Module/System drop down contains a list of all the modules installed for your active  database. You may select the module which you'd like to apply a license for example, if you wish to apply a Pulse ContractorWeb licence, select CWEB: ContractorWeb .NET from the drop down menu


     4. You should have been supplied with an email containing the Licence code. Once you have selected the Module you can then enter the License Code and select Apply

     5. Once applied, your screen should say CWEB: ContractorWeb .NET is licensed for xxx users. This means you have successfully applied the licence


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