How to setup Auto emailing of Work Orders

To use this function, you should have a current valid license to run the Pulse EMAIL Agent.You can verify this by running the Pulse Registration Tool via Start Menu > Programs > Pulse folder.

The Allocate Output Devices function is used to specify how Work Orders for a Trade at a given site are processed. In this instance we are interested in setting an email address as an output device for selected trade sites.

  1. From the PULSE Main Menu, choose Information Setup > Allocate Output Devices screen


 2. The Allocate Output Devices function screen will then be displayed


3. Enter a Trade Code and Site Code combination. The ellipse buttons will display the relevant search list.

4. Select how the Work Orders should be processed. In this instance the desired value is

5. Enter a valid email address suitable for the specified Trade / Site combination.

6. Click on the Save button.

7. The form will be cleared ready for entry of another Trade / Site combination. Repeat
from step 3 until all desired trades are entered.




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