Error running SPE092 - Bulk Work Order Assignment Tool in BEIMS v5.7.300

Once the SPE092 – Bulk Work Assignment Tool is installed and launched via

SPECIAL PROGRAMS from the BEIMS Main Menu you may encounter the error below:




To resolve the aforementioned error, kindly follow the steps below:


1. Locate the installation directory of the SPE092 – Bulk Work Assignment Tool. The
default location would be C:\Program Files (x86)\BEIMS on a 64-bit workstation

2. If the SPE092.exe file does not exist, please install the SPE092 – Bulk Work Order
assignment module via the BEIMS SPE092 - Bulk Work Order Assignment.msi file downloaded from the BEIMS Client Portal under the ‘My Software’ section

3. Locate the SPE092.exe file and Run it as administrator (refer to below screenshot). In
some cases, you may be prompted to enter your Windows admin login credentials

4. Provide BEIMS username password if prompted

5. Exit BEIMS via File > Exit

6. Try launching the tool from BEIMS > SPECIAL PROGRAMS or by double-clicking on the
SPE092.exe file

7. When prompted, provide BEIMS Login name & Password to launch the tool again.

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