Running a BIF file in Pulse

.BIF files aid in applying database patches using the built in Pulse Database upgrade utility to upgrade either an individual module or the core Pulse database version to something higher than the current version.

To be able to run a .BIF file, we'd first need to ensure the core Pulse client has been installed with I.T administrator Tools as specified in the article found at Installing core Pulse client


  • Open the database folder and extract the contents of the folder if folder is zipped
  • Run the .BIF file from list of contents

  • The .BIF file will execute with the help of the createdb.exe (Pulse Database upgrade utility) found under the Pulse core client installation path
  • Select the Location, which is the active local configuration in the Pulse Local Configuration Manager (odbc32.exe - ODBC database administrator)

  • Select Next

  • Enter the database administrator username and password credentials here, the credentials specified would need dbo permissions. Click Next


  • Type 'YES' in UPPER CASE on the next screen and click Upgrade

  • Select Close. You may also view the Log which will provide further details. It will also flag the process with a DONEOK remark. The log is stored at C:\Users\<<PC USER>>\Documents\Pulse directory.

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