Configuring the Visitor Pass Printer Service


The Visitor Pass Printing service has the following settings


The Visitor Pass Printer program needs to be connected to the Pulse Registration web server.  This is done by setting value of the URL.  Generally the URL should look like this:

The <servername> will be supplied by your IT department.

Enter the URL text then press the <Set Page> button.  The URL test entered will be validated.  If successful the Visitor Pass Printing banner will be displayed.

Visitor Pass File & Parking Permit File

The visitor pass and parking permit can be customised by to meet a customer’s requirements.  These commonly include company logos and adjustment for printer label size. 

Starting the Visitor Pass Printer Service

Clicking on the <Start> button on Visitor Pass Printer screen will start the printing service.  When the service is running the <Stop> button will be enabled, the green progress bar will constantly move and a log of the printing activity will display in the messages window.


The Visitor Pass Printing application can be left open and moved to the back with the Pulse Visitor Registration Sign In web page displayed full screen.

The <Close Application> button or the top right corner X will close the application and visitor pass printing will stop.






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