Onsite Best Practices


Configuring your Device for use with Onsite

  • Ensure you are using the latest version of the Onsite app downloaded from the the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play store for Android users.
  • Before launching the Onsite App, kindly ensure your device ( iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Phone etc.) are configured with the correct Region and current date and time settings (Time zones) in the Device settings menu as well as running the most recent version of their respective operating system e.g. iOS 12.2 or later, Android 8.0 or later
  • We suggest to set the "Auto Sync interval" to be 5 mins. This way the app will sync the with Pulse database every 5 minutes to ensure you receive and send up to date work order information

  • Onsite auto licenses the device upon first login i.e. an available license gets allocated to the device. If you're receiving a licensing error, please speak to your Onsite app or Pulse administrator


Choosing a Device

  • We recommend Apple cellular devices which have a GPS chip. While Zuuse Scout utilizes GPS positioning at present, Zuuse Onsite is likely to do so in the future. An iPhone 6 or newer would give the users a good experience on Onsite. Due to its processing power and memory iPad Air 4 or higher is also known to work well with Onsite. The Zuuse Onsite app requires devices to be at least on iOS 8.0 or later.
  • For Android users, we recommend any Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher device as they have adequate memory to run Onsite. Basically, devices that run Marshmallow 6.0 or higher would give a good user experience.
  • Kindly avoid the Samsung J devices.


Begin accessing and completing Work Orders from anywhere


  • To begin completing work orders, tap the start button and leave the device idle or you may push the home button so the app returns to the background. The work order timer would still be active. Minimum time recorded by a work order is 0.25 i.e. 15 minute. Subsequent starts of the work order will append time to already accrued 0.25
  • Once you have finished the works, return to your app and tap the stop button. You may choose to complete the work order (Yes) or choose (No) to complete the work order at a later time.
  • Ensure you tap the Sync button after choosing Yes or No. (Do not Quit/Close the app before syncing successfully)
  • When Supervisors assign work orders to their team using the Assign function, the Supervisor would need to ensure that their App status is fully synced for the work orders to appears on Tradesperson devices. The assignment is instantaneous and there should be no delay for the work orders to download onto the devices as long as the network connectivity is adequate for the app to connecting to the web service entered in the Settings screen
  • For the work order to complete, ALL tradesperson assignments need to completed for the work order to change status from Open/Outstanding to Complete/Closed
  • The Onsite app remembers the last state; when you quit or exit out of the app or the app crashes due to insufficient memory
  • Once you relaunch the Onsite app, it'll restore you to the last 'remembered' state. It may take you to when you last started a work order or you were adding Progress Comments etc.
  • At the end of the work day, ensure the Onsite app is displaying a "Sync Completed"  status towards the bottom of the screen to ensure  and logout by tapping the burger icon  and tapping logout.



Tip and Tricks

  • If Onsite does not sync (sync failed), kindly ensure the network (WiFi or cellular) is active. You can also check by logging out and navigating to Settings and tapping the "Test connection button" which should result in a successful connection

  • If you are seeing work orders that you have completed before or you are viewing intermittent errors we suggest you try using the "Clear data on next login" function found under Settings. If the issue still persists, report this to your admin officer.

  • If "Sync fails" multiple times, there is a good chance you are not in network coverage. The app will sync successfully once it regains connectivity.
  • As a last resort, you may remove the app and re-download it from the respective stores. Kindly make a note of the web-service URL before deleting the app as all settings are wiped off during this process.
  • Onsite gives you the ability to email log files from the device as long as there is a mailbox configured on the device. You may use the Setting screen to send the Onsite database and error logs using this function.

  • To identify the version of the Onsite app you are using, log out of the app if you are currently signed in and tap the Settings button. The version is displayed on the Settings screen at the very bottom.

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