Setting up a new KIOSK

Login to VR ADMIN to register a new KIOSK 

Click on KIOSK – SET UP in the admin menu bar.  The configuration of each kiosk is controlled through this screen as shown below


Internet Information Services - Folder permissions

The visitor photographs will be stored in a folder on the webserver hosting the Pulse Visitor Registration.  The folder storing the photographs needs the permissions adjusted to allow the photograph files to be added.

  • Within IIS navigate to the website BEIMSVR and the folder Captures.
  • Right mouse click on the folder Captures and choose the menu item Edit Permissions.

The user that runs the IIS service needs Full Control access to the Captures folder.  Otherwise the permission level Full Control could be allocated to everyone.

See if you can bring up the VR login page on the newly added KIOSK 

You might need to Delete Browsing History and Add the URL to trusted sites 

On your first attempt to sign in to kiosk 
You will be prompted with below 
a) On the Capture picture page, right click on the Adobe Flash Player Settings window

b) Select “Allow” and “Remember”

c) The VRS then will be able capture pictures successfully.




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